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#BlackLivesMatter. Educating myself about Systemic Racism

Updated 6 June 2020

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Published on the 2nd of June, 2020, after 6 days of ongoing protests against police brutality and systemic racism in the USA.

One of the reaons I'm interested in keeping an online blog is learning in public. Previously, I expected that to be product design, typography, code and other tech related things.

But some subjects dwarf tech in importance. As a privileged white man, unlearning a lifetime of living in a world of systemic racism, police brutality and inequity means I need to put in the work. White people, particularly white men — create, enforce and perpetuate systemic racism. That racism exists around the world — in USA, in NZ, and in the UK where I currently live.

I won’t record everything I consume here but I believe it’s important to show a record of learning and be public about it. For all the reasons learning tech in public is good — accounability, progress, showing others the way, self-growth, creating shared resources. People in tech and designers especially love to learn, read, and celebrate being well studied. Time for me to put my actions where it matters. If I happily read 50 articles about UX design, this is the least I can do. Please read these or other resources and do your own learning too.

This is an ongoing list of the books and resources I’m learning from as I learn to do better in matters of systematic racism and inequity.


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